The Eco Relief Board consists of the following:

ChairpersonVice Chairperson, Secretary GeneralVice Secretary GeneralTreasurer; Vice Treasurer, Executive Director2 Representatives from NGOs; 1 Representative of a Farmers’ organisation; 1 Representative of a Women association; 1 Representative of Indigenous Peoples; 1 Representative of a Youth organisation; 2 Honorary Members: who shall be Development Experts regularly invited by the Board to provide specialist advice.

Board Member List

Name Profession Position National Of
Serina Massa Social Development Expert Chairperson Sweden
Robert Wabalayi Environmental Engineer Vice-chairperson Uganda
Cedrique Eteti Microbiologist Secretary General Cameroon
Suzana Brandsen Nurse Deputy Secretary General Sweden
Marie-Louise Engström Civil & Environmental Engineer Treasurer Sweden
Vacant Vacant Deputy Treasurer Vacant
Noumbissi Tenku Social Entrepreneur Executive Director Cameroon
Vacant Vacant NGO Representative Vacant
Vacant Vacant NGO Representative Vacant
Vacant Vacant Farmer Organisations Vacant
Dina Bengui Livestock Specialist Women Organisations Angola
Vacant Vacant Indigenous Peoples Vacant
Alain Mayabi Youth Entrepreneur Youth Organisations Democratic Republic of Congo
Ola Nordlund International Development Expert Honorary Member Sweden
Rick Gisslen Development Consultant Honorary Member Sweden

Mandate of the Board

The following are the functions of the Eco Relief Board: a. Acts on behalf of the General Assembly on all matters requiring immediate attention, b. Approves policy directives, programmes, budgets, financial statement, audit report, agreements, contracts, protocols and bye-laws. c. Establishes the procedures for the appointment of the Executive Director and the recruitment of staff. d. Appoints auditors and independent review committees, as well as ratify annual reports on Eco Relief’s achievements and ongoing engagements. e. Reviews and approves annual work plan as well as all other remit desirable to support Eco relief on its mission. The Board meets at least twice per year and such meetings are convened by the Chair and the Executive Director.

Mandate of the Secretariat

Eco Relief’s Secretariat in Sweden is responsible for daily operations and guides the organisation in its strategic direction with key functions in programme design, leadership, planning, coordination, external relations and resource mobilisation. It is headed by an Executive Director.