Our mission is to promote Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation practices that deliver benefits for socio-economic growth. We do this by empowering communities to rehabilitate and manage ecosystems in a manner that guarantees water, food, energy and recreation without compromising environmental health and the co-existence of wildlife. 

Eco Relief is a Non-Governmental Organisation that promotes the integrated management of land, water and other environmental resources to facilitate a green economy (ecosystems) that improves human well-being. The biodiversity that comprises ecosystems and the benefits they provide to humanity (ecosystem services) are the fundamental units for life support on our planet. Our activities cover two key ecosystems comprising Terrestrial Ecosystems and Aquatic Ecosystems; as they hold the foundation for the natural processes of climate regulation and play a key role for freshwater quality regulation, food security, flood protection and even drought control. We advocate for ecosystem-based approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation because they are readily accessible to the rural poor in developing countries and have proven to be cost-effective for implementation.