Given the huge implications of climate change in developing countries, the importance of promoting education around the subject cannot be overemphasized. Eco Relief continues to set the pace on bringing such education to build a resilient society with preparedness to offer short-, medium-, and long-term solutions to the challenge of climate change.

Within the context of its Climate Education and Practical Action (CEPA) Programme, Eco Relief organised 8 workshops from October 16th to October 23rd 2015 for youth capacity building on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Over the course of 8 days in the Campus of the Semei Kakungulu High School in Uganda, 480 students and 25 teachers from 5 secondary schools in the Namanyonyi Subcounty participated in lectures and training on climate change to bring awareness about climate change as well as develop positive attitudes and values that reflect respect and concern for environment.

While several students confirmed to have never heard about climate change, others admitted hearing about climate change but had no clue on what it was all about; including how it affects them, how they contribute to it, and what they can do to mitigate or adapt to it. After a successful training, there was broad agreement between students and teachers to form an Environment Club that will steer the implementation of climate change into the academic curricula. This club will guide the environment activities in the school and develop tools that will facilitate a one-hour weekly lecture on best practices for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Some of the activities students acquired training on include the development of sand bagging to control campus erosion, as well as the conversion of old plastic jerrycans into rainwater harvesting and waste collection tools. The next phase of the training is the development of nurseries for trees to be planted in the respective campuses.

Eco Relief’s efforts to train the youth on climate change awareness, mitigation and adaptation falls within the framework of Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This article on Education, Training and Public Awareness calls on governments, to promote the development and implementation of educational and public awareness programmes, promote public access to information and public participation in the fight against climate change. The educational scope of Article 6 relates to the development and implementation of training programmes focused on climate change targeting the youth.