On Monday February 24th 2016, Eco Relief was at the South West Regional Delegation of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development in Cameroon. The official visit was to lay the groundwork for implementation of Eco Relief’s strategy to develop intervention projects and programmes through partnership.

The need for this partnership is triggered by the fact that despite the efforts of organisations such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to propose best practices for the fight against climate change, very few organisations have been proactive in fostering an enabling environment for the government to reach those in need of climate change resilience or convey feedback from the community to guide government in defining climate change and development priorities.


With a focus on the Post-2015 SDG Agenda, our partnership seeks to build into the expectation of placing civil society organisations in a position to bridge the gap between policy formulation at government level and implementation at community level. This will ensure Eco Relief develops programmes in line with government policy and Post-2015 SDG targets, implement them at community level, collect field data on indicators and support the government in its SDG monitoring process.

The meeting ended with unanimity that such a partnership was the way forward and an MOU on the plan of action was reached. The next item on the Agenda will be the organisation of a seminar on March 7th in Buea, to sensitise community stakeholders on ecosystem restoration as a path to sustainable growth. This will be followed by launching of the following projects:

  1. Watershed protection
  2. Biofuel production from waste
  3. Analogue forestry design and implementation
  4. Bee farming for food security
  5. Bat conservation

The meeting was hosted by the South West Regional Delegate of Environment, Ekwadi Songue and his Chief of Service for Environmental Sensitisation, Mercy Ekwaingen. Eco Relief was represented by its Programme Director, Noumbissi Tenku and Cameroon Country Representative, John Njabi.